How to distribute unique codes in your automated emails using the Redeem Link

Automated emails like birthday or e-commerce emails that are set up at your email service provider are often places where you'd like to include a unique discount code. 

Unfortunately, we can't include the unique code in the automated because in order to do that we need to know when that email will be sent so that we can update the subscriber's profile/merge tag with the code. And for automated emails Coupon Carrier can't know when they will be sent, unlike welcome emails where we know when it will be sent because we are notified when the subscriber has been added to your email list. 

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How does it work?

Coupon Carrier allows you to upload a list of unique codes and then place a custom link in your email or anywhere else. This link must contain the recipient's email address, that's how we can identify who we should assign the code to. The value can actually be anything unique but we recommend that you use the recipient's email address if it's available. 

When this link is clicked the subscriber is redirected to a landing page that shows their unique code. The first time the link is clicked Coupon Carrier will assign one of the unique codes to that subscriber. The next time they click the link they will see the same code so they won’t receive new codes each time they click the link. 

The landing page can be customized with your logotype, message and optionally a button to link to your store. The button link can also include the unique code so that it can be attached to your store link if you have support for that. 

Configuration steps

Start by creating a new Redeem Link configuration by clicking the  Create a new configuration button under the Configurations tab.
A Redeem Link configuration can be customized to your needs. Add a link to your logotype, enter a message and optionally add a button that links to your store.

Next, it's time to choose how you want to provide your unique codes. In Coupon Carrier codes are stored in Code Lists. A code list can either be manually managed by you, meaning that you import your own set of codes into it. It can also be Autogenerated which means that it automatically fills itself with new codes from an integration like an e-commerce store (Shopify, WooCommerce) when needed.
New accounts automatically get a sample code list with a few codes. If you haven't created a new list you can choose to use an existing code list and pick the sample list.
In the next section, you can select if you want to receive a warning email if your code list is running low on unused codes. This is only applicable to manual code lists since autogenerated code lists generate new codes automatically. 
There's also an option to allow a new code to be assigned after a specific number of days has passed since the first time they viewed their unique code. This can be useful for birthday automations where you have the same email and redeem link sent each year and you would like them to receive a new code each year. Setting this value to around 300 days would ensure that a year later they would see a new code. 
The configuration is now completed and it's time to add your Redeem Link to your email. The important part is to replace the email parameter in the link with the correct merge tag for your email service provider. This tag is often different for many providers and you can usually find the tag that you should use in the documentation at your email provider. What you want to do is to merge in the recipient's email address onto the end of the link. 
Some common tags might be  ?email=*|EMAIL|* or ?email=[email]. We have a specific example for MailChimp in the next section.

Note that even though the parameter in the link is named email it doesn't actually have to be an email address. It can be anything unique. Some examples of unique values are user/conversation/submission IDs.

How to add the Redeem Link to your MailChimp email

Each Email Service Provider has their own way of allowing you to include the recipient's email address in the email content or in links. MailChimp uses a merge tag named *|EMAIL|*. Other common ones can be [email] or something similar. Check with your provider on how to do this in your emails.

Create a button/link and add the Redeem Link that you can find at the top of your configuration:

Add this link to your email and change the last part to use the email merge tag from your provider. In case of MailChimp it would be:*|EMAIL|*

MailChimp Email Editor:


If you have any questions regarding the setup, don't hesitate to contact us and let us know more about your situation and we'll get back to you with more specific guidance 😀

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