How to create and use Autogenerated Code Lists

Regular Code Lists are managed manually. This means that you need to generate a list of codes and import these into the list. Once all the codes have been delivered you need to generate new codes and import them again.

Autogenerated Code Lists create codes automatically when needed for supported platforms. For example, if a Code Email configuration is triggered because of a new email subscriber, an autogenerated code list will generate a new code and then send it to the subscriber. The benefit of this is that the autogenerated code lists can apply expiry dates relative to the time it was created. A popular option is to send out codes to new email subscribers that are only valid for 24-72 hours. 

We currently support the following e-commerce platforms:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Coupon Carrier - Generate random codes that can be used for our scanner service and mark-as-used button. Read more about this feature.

How to create a new autogenerated code list

Go to the "Code lists" tab in Coupon Carrier and choose to "Create a new Code List". You can then choose to either create a "Manual list" if you'd like to import your own set of codes or choose "Autogenerated List" to connect to your e-commerce store. Once selected, you'll be given the option to choose which type of platform you want to connect to and then provide the credentials needed to connect Coupon Carrier to the store.

Once you've connected to your store and the list has been created, you can configure the code generation depending on your needs. The screenshot below shows the options available for Shopify but the options for WooCommerce are very similar. 

Advanced settings

If you need more control over the code generation you can use the "Advanced settings" which allow you to specify the exact properties that we use to create the code in Shopify. This requires that you read their documentation so that you can correctly override the default values. Using these settings you can create codes that only work for specific products, collections, etc. Contact us if you need help with this.

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