How to add the Redeem Link to your Mailchimp email

The Redeem Link allows you to include a link in your Mailchimp email that, when clicked, takes the subscriber to a landing page where their unique code is shown. This code can be either a text code or a QR/Barcode.

For more information on the Redeem Link and the settings, view our Getting started guide. This article shows you how to add the Redeem Link in your Mailchimp email. How the Redeem Link is added to your email is slightly different depending on which email service provider you're using.

The Redeem Link requires a unique value to be attached at the end of the email query parameter, this is usually an email address, but it can be any unique value, like a user id. In Mailchimp, you can include the recipient's email address using a merge tag: *|EMAIL|*. This tag will be replaced with the recipient's email address when the email is sent to them.

To modify the Redeem Link for Mailchimp, add the *|EMAIL|* tag at the end of the Redeem Link so that it looks similar to this (your LINK_ID will be unique to your link):[LINK_ID]?email=*|EMAIL|*

Here's a video showing you how to create a Redeem Link and add it to your Mailchimp email:

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