How to add the Redeem Link to your Mailchimp email

The Redeem Link allows you to include a link in your Mailchimp email that, when clicked, takes the subscriber to a landing page where their unique code is shown. This code can be either a text code or a QR/Barcode. Here's how the Redeem Link works in an email:

For more information on the Redeem Link and the settings, view our Getting started guide. This article shows you how to add the Redeem Link in your Mailchimp email. How the Redeem Link is added to your email is slightly different depending on which email service provider you're using.

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Create a new Redeem Link

Create a new Redeem Link and choose to use Mailchimp as your service. This allows you to connect to your Mailchimp account or choose an existing connection.

Add the Redeem Link to your email

To use the Redeem Link in your Mailchimp email, automation or campaign, add a link or button to your email and then use the link provided in your Coupon Carrier configuration. This link is unique for each configuration. You may see a validation error in Mailchimp's editor saying the link has invalid merge fields, this can be ignored. When the email is sent to a subscriber, the special tags in this link will be replaced with values that let Coupon Carrier determine who clicked this link.  

How to test the Redeem Link

Because of the special merge tags in the Redeem Link, it will only be valid once these tags have been replaced with real values from an actual Mailchimp subscriber. The best way to test the link is to use the Preview feature in Mailchimp's editor which supports  live merge tag info. When this is enabled, the preview window will show the email as the subscriber would see it and the link will contain their values which means that you can click the link to test it. Note that this will assign a code to this subscriber that you're previewing.

If Link Validation is enabled on your Redeem Link configuration, you can't send a test email because it will contain an invalid link that Coupon Carrier cannot validate. Use the preview feature mentioned above with live merge info to properly test the link.

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