How to show a QR/Barcode in your Mailchimp email

Coupon Carrier supports dynamic QR/Barcodes that you can insert into your Mailchimp emails. When a subscriber receives their email and their images are loaded, the barcode is generated for them and displayed. 

This feature generates an HTML Image tag that you insert into your Mailchimp email using the Code block. The Code block allows you to add HTML code into your email.

These are the steps to create a Coupon Carrier configuration and adding it to your Mailchimp email:

From the main screen, choose to "Create a new configuration" and select the "Mailchimp QR/Barcode Image" template.
The first step is to connect to your Mailchimp account. You'll need to log in using your Mailchimp credentials.
Once connected, you can change the barcode settings based on your needs and then choose which code list you'd like to use as the source of codes. You can import your own codes, or use an autogenerated code list. Finally, save your changes and activate the configuration so that our dynamic image is active.
To add the image to your email, copy the HTML code from Coupon Carrier and insert it into a Code block in Mailchimp's editor.
You'll notice that the image appears broken. This is because the image link isn't completed correctly in the editor. To preview your email as a recipient would see it you can use the Preview feature with "Enable live merge tag info" enabled. With that option enabled, the correct information is merged into the barcode link.
To prevent anyone from manipulating the image URL, we recommend that you "Enable Image Link Validation". With this option enabled, Coupon Carrier will validate the image request against your Mailchimp list to make sure that the link hasn't been manipulated. Keep in mind that this can break the image when you send preview emails as the preview recipient isn't a real subscriber of your email list.

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