How to distribute unique codes for restaurants, physical stores, and events

Coupon Carrier is a service that helps you distribute unique codes and coupons to your customers. You can choose to import your own set of unique codes or generate new ones automatically depending on which services as systems you use today.

For restaurants and physical stores, it's common to use some kind of Point-of-Sales (POS) system at the register. Some of these systems allow you to generate lists of discount codes that can then either be manually entered or scanned as QR codes when a customer brings it into the store.

In cases where you can't generate your own set of codes, we can generate random codes for you. You can then use our scanner service for mobile devices to scan these codes on location or use our mark-as-used button that, when pressed, will mark the offer as used.

You can either use our Code Email (when Coupon Carrier sends the email) or Redeem Link to distribute your unique codes to your subscribers. Both of these features support showing the code as a QR code. The Mark-as-Used button is only available on our Redeem Link landing page. 

Want to use this for a restaurant?
For restaurants, we recommend using the Redeem Link with the "Mark-as-used"-button feature. Read "Scenario C" below to learn more.

Different scenarios and our recommendations

"Scenario A" – You have a POS that can scan QR/Barcodes and you can generate a list of codes in your POS admin interface.

Start by generating a large list of unique coupons in your Point-of-Sale (POS) admin, and this is where you'll specify the value of the discount. Export these codes and import them into a Coupon Carrier code list, as shown here. In our Code Email (when you send email using Coupon Carrier) and Redeem Link configurations, you can choose to display the code as a QR/Barcode in the type that your POS scanner supports.

"Scenario B" – You want to generate new QR/Barcodes codes automatically and then scan them using a mobile device in your restaurant/store.

Using our built-in code generator, you can distribute QR codes to your customers. On location, you can then use our mobile scanner service to scan the codes.
Read more about how to use our scanner service →

"Scenario C" – You want to distribute unique offers to your customer's mobile device that contain a button that you then press to mark the offer as used.

The Mark-as-used button is available on our Redeem Link landing page, start by creating a Redeem Link configuration. Here is a summary of steps to get started:

  1. Create a new Redeem Link configuration
  2. Connect to the service that you'll use the link in or choose Generic Link if your service isn't supported. Read more about how the redeem link works in our Getting Started Guide.
  3. Click "Customize Page Content" and enable "Mark-as-used button". You probably want to disable the "Call-to-action button" unless you have a need for it. And since this code will be marked with a button, you can choose to hide the code using the "Hide code" option.
  4. In the next section, Code Source, select "Autogenerated Code List" and choose Coupon Carrier. This will create a code list that generates random unique codes for each recipient. In this case, the recipient will probably not see the code, but they still receive a unique code so that it can be delivered and marked as used.
  5. Save your changes and activate the configuration to perform your initial tests. Reach out to us if you need any help getting started.

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