How to distribute unique codes for restaurants, physical stores, and events

If you have a physical location like restaurant, store or event, and you want to somehow send out unique codes that you want to redeem/validate on location, then our Mark-as-Used button or QR scanner feature might be a good fit.

You can either use our built-in  Code Email or Redeem Link to distribute your unique codes to your subscribers. Both of these features support showing the code as a QR code. The Mark-as-Used button is only available on our Redeem Link page.

A common scenario is that you want to send out unique offers using our Redeem Link feature which is a link that the recipient clicks in order to open a website landing page that shows them the offer. Depending on your needs there are two ways you can validate/redeem these codes. Both of these are usually used with our built-in autogenerated code list that generates new unique codes on-the-fly.

1. Mark-as-Used Button

This feature is only available on our Redeem Link feature and it allows you to show a button on the landing page that, when clicked, marks the code as used. Once marked, it can't be marked again. The idea is that a customer shows their mobile device at the location and the person working there can make sure that the code is marked as used once the customer has received their offer.

  1. Enable the button in the page settings under the section "Mark-as-Used button":
  2. When viewing the landing page, the customer can tap the button in order to mark the code as used:

2. QR Code Scanner

Our scanner service allows you to use our mobile device to scan QR codes. This requires that the code is displayed as a QR code. You can read more about how this is configured and used here.

Can I set an expiry date for the codes?

If you let Coupon Carrier generate your unique code as we show in this guide, then setting a specific expiry date on these codes isn't supported today. This is mainly because when you use the Redeem Link to distribute the codes, the code is only assigned/generated when someone clicks the link. So any expiry date would have to be based on when the link was clicked and not when they might've received an email containing the link.

We're working on adding support for expiry dates, if you want to partake in the discussion on how this might work for your business, please send us an email.

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