Getting started with scanning/redeeming QR codes

If you distribute QR codes to your recipients via Coupon Carrier, you can validate and mark them as redeemed using our mobile scanner app. You can access it using all the popular mobile devices with a camera.

You can create one or more scanners in your Coupon Carrier account. Each one has its settings to choose which code list is used to match scanned codes and which users have access to it.

Once codes are scanned, you can export a CSV file with all the codes, recipient information, and the scanner user that redeemed it. 

Here's what you need to do to get started scanning codes:

  • Have QR codes that are distributed from a code list in Coupon Carrier. Most of our distribution features support displaying the code as a QR image.
  • Create a new scanner from the Scanner tab in your Coupon Carrier account.
  • Create at least one scanner user that's used to sign in to the scanner app.

These are the steps to start scanning QR codes

Click "Create a Scanner" on the Scanner tab and enter a title. This title is shown to the scanner user at the top of the app when signed in.

You can optionally choose the max number of scans that can be made on a code. In most cases, it's only one. But some businesses might want to allow a code to be scanned more than once.  

Next, select which code list (or lists) that should be used to find a matching code once a QR code is scanned. Then click "Create scanner" to proceed to add your first scanner user.

You'll need at least one user to start scanning codes, but you can add multiple if there are several people scanning codes. Enter a username and choose a password. We recommend using an email address as a username because it needs to be unique. 

Click "Add user" to add the new user. For your convenience, we copy the new credentials and sign-in information to the clipboard so that you can easily store or share it. Once a user is created, you can view the encrypted password, but you can reset it if needed.

When you've added the users needed, click "Done". If you need to, you can access the settings and manage users from the menu to the left of the scanner.

You're now ready to start scanning QR codes. Using your mobile device, sign in to the scanner at using one of the scanner logins you created. If you need a custom domain for this feature, we have more information on that here.

Once you've scanned a valid QR code, you can export the data to a CSV file from the scanner menu, as shown in the screenshot below:

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