How to send a unique code to each new email subscriber

A common use case for Coupon Carrier is to have it monitor your email list for new subscribers. When one is added we can send out a unique code to the new subscriber. This is often used for signup incentives or part of a newsletter signup promotion.

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How does it work?

Here's how Coupon Carrier works with your email service provider:

  1. A new subscriber is added to your email list. Often via a website popup or signup form. But it can also be a separate app or integration that adds new customers to your email list.
  2. A Code Email is triggered when a new subscriber is added to your email list. 
  3. Coupon Carrier will pick one of the available codes in your selected code list or generate a new one if the list is autogenerated.
  4. The email is created with the unique code and sent off to the subscriber.
  5. Finally, the code is marked as delivered and won't be sent to anyone else.

Configuration steps

Start by creating a new Code Email configuration by clicking the  Create a new configuration button under the Configurations tab.
Connect to your email service provider by choosing to use an App Event Trigger. This prompts you to choose your provider and connect your account.
Choose which email list you'd like to monitor for new subscribers. This looks different depending on which provider you use. Some integrations also allow you to pick specific segments or campaigns to monitor.
Next, choose how the code should be sent. The simplest option is to allow Coupon Carrier to send an email containing a code to the new subscriber. There are also other more advanced options depending on the email provider integration.
You can click Customize Email Content to change the message, subject, logo and a lot of other things in the email. You can always come back later and edit this.
Now it's time to choose how you want to provide your unique codes. In Coupon Carrier codes are stored in Code Lists. A code list can either be manually managed by you, meaning that you import your own set of codes into it. It can also be Autogenerated which means that it automatically fills itself with new codes from an integration like an e-commerce store (Shopify, WooCommerce) when needed.
New accounts automatically get a sample code list with a few codes. If you haven't created a new list you can choose to use an existing code list and pick the sample list.
In the next section, you can select if you want to receive a warning email if your code list is running low on unused codes. This is only applicable to manual code lists since autogenerated code lists generate new codes automatically. There's also an option to enable if you want to allow the same email address to receive multiple codes. Normally we only allow one email address to receive one code in order to prevent misuse by unsubscribing and subscribing multiple times to your email list. This can be useful to enable during testing.
You're now finished with the configuration. Save your changes and activate your configuration if you're ready. Note that this will immediately start monitoring your email list for new subscribers. To test this you can manually add yourself to your email list. 
You can also choose to set this configuration to monitor a test email list the first time to make sure that it works as expected before you switch it over to the "real" email list.

Note that during your trial the account is limited to deliver 50 codes. After that, the automations will automatically be paused.


If you have any questions regarding the setup, don't hesitate to  contact us and let us know more about your situation and we'll get back to you with more specific guidance 😀

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