How Code Expiry Works for Codes Generated by Coupon Carrier

In Coupon Carrier, you can create an autogenerated code list that generated new random codes for your recipients. These codes are then usually used with either our scanner service or mark-as-used button. You can read more on these features here: How to distribute unique codes for restaurants, physical stores, and events

These codes can also expire after a set number of hours that can be configured in the code list settings. You can also set a custom message to be shown once the code has expired.

How this works with the Redeem Link

One thing to note is that this expiry date is based on the date and time that the code was originally generated and assigned to a recipient. This means that if you use our Redeem Link feature, the codes are created at the time the link is clicked by the recipient. For example, if you send a link to a subscriber one day one and the subscriber waits until day two before they click the link for the first time, then the expiry date is based on day two, meaning the code would expire after day three if the code had a 24 hour expiry set.  

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