How to distribute and scan QR codes for physical stores, restaurants, and events

If you have a physical location like restaurant, store or event, and you want to somehow send out unique codes that you want to redeem/validate on location, then our QR scanner feature might be a good fit.

You can either use our built-in  Code Email or Redeem Link to distribute your unique codes to your subscribers. Both of these features support showing the code as a QR code. 

When your customers visit your location, your staff can use an iPhone or Android device to scan the QR code and validate if the code is valid and also how many times it has been redeemed.

Contact us if you need any help or have questions regarding this feature. We're happy to help! 😀

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Setting up your configuration for QR Scanning

Enable the scanner service by enabling the QR feature on your configuration settings. Note that this is only available for our built-in email or redeem link settings. Currently, the scanner is only compatible with QR Codes, and when enabled you will also see the password that you will later use to login to the scanner website:

This configuration's unique password

Create an autogenerated code list

In this case, we want to have Coupon Carrier generate new random codes automatically for each recipient. To do this, we can create an autogenerated code list and choose Coupon Carrier as the generator.

Choose Autogenerated List as your code source

After that, you have a couple of options to further set up your code list.

Settings for an autogenerated code list

At times it might be desirable to set a maximum number of generated codes. You do this by checking the Generate a limited amount of codes option. You set the maximum number of codes this list should generate. 

Remember, more than one configuration can use the same code list. If you want to limit one configuration to e.g. 1500 codes, you should create a code list for just that configuration.

You may also set a  Discount prefix to all generated codes if you want to further describe your codes. In our example we've put 15OFF as a prefix and all the codes will then be generated with this text before the unique code.

Using the QR Scanner service

First, go to the scanner page on your mobile device,, and log in using the scanner password shown in the configuration settings:

Compatibility with mobile devices

Compatibility is based on the devices web browser. Chrome 62 or above is required for Android devices. In IOS 11.2 only Safari is supported.

Log in with the password presented under Scanner password in your configuration settings. Note that every configuration has its own password so you can't validate and redeem codes from configuration B if you've logged in with a Scanner password from configuration A. When you've successfully logged in,  you must grant the site access to the device's camera.

When a code is successfully scanned and validated the following screen will show you some information about the code. You also have the option to undo the scan.

If you scan a code that has been scanned before you will get a warning message. You can then choose to accept the code again or decline it by canceling. You can click the "1 time" link to see the details of the previous scans.

Can I set an expiry date for the codes?

If you let Coupon Carrier generate your unique code as we show in this guide, then setting a specific expiry date on these codes isn't supported today. When you use our QR Scanner feature on your mobile device it will always allow you to validate a code and you can also see how many days ago the code was delivered to the customer. This means that the person that is scanning the code can use this information to manually choose not to scan this code.

So if you've decided that you only want your codes to be valid for 10 days then the person or persons that are scanning the QR codes would need to check how many days ago the code was delivered and if it's more than 10 days, they can choose to undo the scan.

We are working on adding expiry dates, absolute or relative to the time the code was delivered. This would allow us to block the code at the scanning stage. Please contact us if you are interested in this feature.

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