Getting Started With Coupon Carrier and Campaign Monitor

Coupon Carrier is a promotional tool to help you gain email subscribers or foot traffic by delivering unique time-sensitive discounts and coupons to your email subscribers — Connects directly to your favorite email service provider.

The simple way to setup Coupon Carrier is to send out the code using the built-in code email. The complete guide on how to set that up is available here.

If you want more control over the content you can create your own  Smart Email (transactional) and let Coupon Carrier trigger that to be sent to the subscriber instead. This involves the following steps:

  • Create a Smart Email that contains the [coupon] tag
  • Configure Coupon Carrier to trigger the Smart Email

How does it work?

When Coupon Carrier receives a notification that a new subscriber has been added to your list it picks one of the available unique codes and then triggers the selected Smart Email to be sent to the subscriber. The unique code will be passed into the email using the [coupon] tag.

Create the Smart Email

Create a new Smart Email by going to the  Transactional tab and then selecting to Create a new email.

Enter your details and select the list that you want to target with this email. You can then proceed to  Build your email.

Select your template and then modify it until you're happy. You can choose where the unique code will appear by inserting the  [coupon] tag in the email. If you don't add this tag the code will not be shown anywhere so it's an important step.

When you're happy with the result you can proceed by pressing the  Preview button and then finishing the wizard to activate the email.

Configure Coupon Carrier to trigger the Smart Email

The final part is to configure Coupon Carrier to trigger the email. Login to your Coupon Carrier account and head over to the Code Email Configuration that should trigger this Smart Email. 

Select  Campaign Monitor as the sending option and select the email that you’ve just created.

You can also choose to save the code in a custom field on the subscriber if you need to use the code for something else in the future. This is an optional feature

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