Use Zapier to trigger your Code Email

We have a  Zapier integration which allows you to connect Coupon Carrier to hundreds of other apps.

To use our Zapier integration the first step is to create your Coupon Carrier account. After you've created your account you can choose Zapier as a trigger for your Code Email. Once selected as a trigger you can create a new Zap in your Zapier account and trigger this email based on other Zapier triggers.

Here's an overview of what you can do with it

  • Trigger a Code Email to be sent
  • Create a new unique Redeem Link that allows the person who clicks the link to see their unique code (it's assigned to them the first time they click the link)
  • Pick an available code from a selected Code List

The following example shows how we can send out a unique code to each new subscriber of a MailChimp list

We also have a direct integration with MailChimp as shown in this getting started guide if you don't want to use Zapier.
Start by creating a new Code Email and choose Zapier as a trigger.

Configure your email with your name, sender details, and message. Replace the logo with your own or leave that field blank if you don't want to include any logo in the email.

In the next step, you select which Code List you want this configuration to pick codes from. You can also create a new autogenerated list if you use Shopify or WooCommerce. 

Save your changes and activate the configuration before you continue to the next step:


Create your Zapier Zap

Login to your Zapier account and create a new Zap. The Trigger step should be MailChimp (when a New Subscriber is added). Connect to your MailChimp account in the following step and then choose which list you'd like to monitor.In order to perform the test on the next step, you should add yourself to this email list. This will allow Zapier to test the new subscriber response and see which values that are sent from MailChimp. This email address is also the one that will receive the Code Email test in the last step, so use an email address that you've got access to.

In the Action step, search for Coupon Carrier and add it. Select to trigger a new Code Email and then connect Zapier to your Coupon Carrier account. Your API key can be found under the account menu.

When the account is connected you can configure it to use the email address from the new MailChimp subscriber and finally select which Code Email configuration you want to use. We'll pick the one that we just created.

Test the integration by proceeding to the next step. You should see that the code has been delivered if you log in to your Coupon Carrier account as well as receiving the email with the code.

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