How to Send Unique Coupons for Your Subscribers Birthday in Mailchimp

With Coupon Carrier, you can deliver unique time-sensitive discounts and coupons to your subscribers on their birthdays.

To do this, we'll use a Mailchimp Journeys with the "Birthday" starting point. We then apply a tag to the subscriber, which triggers Coupon Carrier to apply a code. Once a code is added, we can send out an email with the code included. Finally, we remove the tag so that it can be added again for their next birthday.

Let's go through all the steps needed to do this using Mailchimp and Coupon Carrier.

  1. We first need to ensure that you have a birthday field and a coupon field on your email list. We need to add a custom text field where Coupon Carrier can store the code. Go to your audience/list in Mailchimp, and under the "settings" menu, choose "Audience fields and *|MERGE|* tags". 
  2. Add a new text field called "Coupon". Uncheck the "Visible?" checkbox, and save your changes.
  3. Create a new Mailchimp Journey and select "Birthday" starting point.
  4. Add the action to apply a tag to the subscriber. In this case, we'll add the tag "add_birthday_code".
  5. Next, we need to wait for the code to be added to the subscriber. If we continue too quickly, the email might be sent out before the code is added, resulting in an email without a code in it. Add a "Wait for trigger" rule and select "API & Integrations" > "Event API". We'll wait for the event "code_added" that Coupon Carrier will add after the code has been added to the subscriber. 
  6. Add a "Send email" action and choose a template for it. In the email editor, add the merge tag for the "Coupon" field we created earlier.
  7. Finally, add an action to remove the "add_birthday_code" tag so that we can add it again next year and trigger this automation repeatedly. Save and start the Journey automation.
  8. Switch over to Coupon Carrier. If you already have a list of unique codes that you want to distribute to your subscribers, you can Import your codes to a code list. If you're using an e-commerce platform that we support, you can choose to have your codes automatically generated
  9. Create a new Code Email configuration and select Mailchimp as the trigger. You'll be prompted to connect to your Mailchimp account.
  10. Select "Trigger when a subscriber enters a segment or receives a tag" and choose the "add_birthday_code" tag. This means that when a subscriber receives this tag, this configuration will trigger.
  11. Select "Mailchimp" in the next step as the sender option. Choose your "Coupon" field to store the code in and enable an event named "code_added" to be added.
  12. Next, select your code list as the code source. This could be code that you've imported earlier or autogenerated code lists from your e-commerce platform.
  13. Finally, select the option to "Allow multiple codes to be delivered to the same email address.". We want to allow a new code to be sent out each year this is triggered. Save and activate the configuration.
  14. We're done! To test the integration, you can go to "Edit settings" and select "Manually add contacts" in your Mailchimp Journey. Due to how journeys work, it can take up to 30 minutes before the email arrives. Contact us if you're having issues or need additional help with the configuration.

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