How to Send Unique Coupons for Your Subscribers Birthday in Mailchimp

In Mailchimp, there's an automation that's sent out each year on the birthday of a subscriber. Instead of including a fixed generic coupon in this email, we'll show you how to use Coupon Carrier to distribute unique time-sensitive coupons. 

If you're using a Mailchimp Journey Automation to send out birthday emails, then you can use an alternative method that allows you to insert the codes directly into the email itself instead of using the Redeem Link. Here's an article on How To Deliver Unique Codes in a Mailchimp Customer Journey Using Tags

Here's Mailchimp's article on how to create a Birthday Automation, this is something you need to create before you proceed:

Our Redeem Link feature is a custom link that you insert into your birthday email. When the subscriber receives the email they click the link in order to see their unique coupon on a separate page. On the first click, the coupon is assigned to the subscriber and subsequent clicks will show the same coupon. Here's how the Redeem Link works in an email:

These are the required steps for this solution:

  1. Create your Redeem Link configuration
  2. Configure the Redeem Link to assign a new coupon each year (we don't want to show the same coupon each year)
  3. Update your Mailchimp Birthday Automation with the Redeem Link

Create a Redeem Link

Create a new Redeem Link by clicking "Create a New Configuration" from the main screen. Select the Redeem Link and then choose to use Mailchimp as your service. This allows you to connect to your Mailchimp account or choose an existing connection.

Customize your Redeem Link page to your needs and then it's time to choose how you want to provide your unique coupons. In Coupon Carrier coupons are stored in  Code Lists. A code list can either be manually managed by you, meaning that you import your own set of coupons into it. It can also be Autogenerated which means that it automatically fills itself with new coupons from an integration like an e-commerce store (Shopify, WooCommerce) when needed.

To read more about how you can customize your page and how to use Code Lists, read our Getting Started Guide for the Redeem Link.

Allow a new coupon each year

The default of a Redeem Link is to always show the same coupon on each click of the click, we don't want the subscriber to be able to click the link they received in their birthday email multiple times and get a new coupon each time. What we want is to assign a unique coupon the first time they click the link, and then the next year when they receive the same email again, which will have the exact same link, they should get a new coupon.

In Coupon Carrier, this can be solved by enabling a feature that allows a new coupon to be assigned if X number of days has passed since the last time they received a coupon. If we set this to 350 days then they will see a new code the following year.

Add the link to your birthday email

To use the Redeem Link in your Mailchimp birthday automation, add a link or button to your email and then use the link provided in your Coupon Carrier configuration. This link is unique for each configuration. You may see a validation error in Mailchimp's editor saying the link has invalid merge fields, this can be ignored. When the email is sent to a subscriber, the special tags in this link will be replaced with values that let Coupon Carrier determine who clicked this link.  

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