How to add unique codes to your existing email subscribers

If you want to send out a promotional email campaign to your existing email subscribers, or a segment of them, and you also want to include a unique code into this email then we have a few options to solve that with Coupon Carrier. 

Our Code Email isn't something that would work for this situation since that requires some kind of trigger in order to be sent. And you probably want to use the built-in campaign editor in your email software.

A) Distribute the codes using a Redeem Link

The quickest solution would be to use our redeem link. This allows you to include a special link in your campaign and when the recipient clicks the link they are taken to a landing page where their unique code is shown. It requires no other changes to your campaign. We have a complete guide on our redeem link feature here.

B) Use the List Update configuration [Mailchimp]

This new type of configuration allows you to choose a Mailchimp email list or segment and which merge field we should add the codes to. We can then, based on your selected code list, update all the subscribers and distribute unique codes to each one of them.

It makes the process of sending out on-off promotional campaigns with unique codes something that only takes minutes to configure. 

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