Add unique codes to your existing Mailchimp subscribers

If you want to send out a campaign to your existing Mailchimp email list, then our List Update feature is a quick way to solve this. This is useful for promotional campaigns that are sent to existing subscribers.

How does it work?

Here's how the List Update feature works:

  1. Import your unique codes into a Coupon Carrier code list. Or choose to generate the codes automatically from Shopify/WooCommerce by using our autogenerated codes lists. You specify which email list, or segment or a list that you wish to update with unique codes. You also specify which merge field we should store the unique codes into. You can either store the code value as text or store a QR/Barcode as an image.
  2. When the update process is started, we fetch all the selected subscribers and pick out codes for each one of them, and then we update their profile with the codes.
  3. Important! Finally, you can create a standard Mailchimp campaign and send it to the same set of subscribers. To show the unique code in the email, you can include the merge field that corresponds to the field where you've chosen to store the code.

Configuration steps

Start by creating a new List Update configuration by clicking the  Create a new configuration button under the Configurations tab.
Connect to your Mailchimp account by clicking the List Provider button. This prompts you to choose your provider and connect your account.

Choose which email list you'd like to update. You can also choose a specific segment of the list if needed.

Choose which merge field we should use to store the code in. If there is any existing data in this merge field,  we will not overwrite it. Instead, the subscriber is skipped. If you do want to overwrite any existing values you can enable that in the checkbox below the drop-down. We strongly recommend that you add a new merge field on your Mailchimp list. If you haven't already created a new field, use the "create a new field" link to have one created.
There are two types of codes, Text and QR/Barcode. If you choose a text field then the code will be stored as text, but if you choose an image field you get the option to store the code as an image (QR/Barcode).
Now it's time to choose how you want to provide your unique codes. In Coupon Carrier codes are stored in Code Lists. A code list can either be manually managed by you, meaning that you import your own set of codes into it. It can also be Autogenerated which means that it automatically fills itself with new codes from an integration like an e-commerce store (Shopify, WooCommerce) when needed.
New accounts automatically get a sample code list with a few codes. If you haven't created a new list, you can choose to use an existing code list and pick the sample list.
It's time to start the update process. This step will not send any emails, it will only apply the codes to the subscribers. The next step talks about how you send the actual emails. If you want to perform a smaller update to see the results you can do that by pressing the link under the start button. This process can take a while depending on how many subscribers you're updating. Also, keep in mind that if you exceed your monthly code limit, there will be an extra charge on your next invoice based on your plan.
When the update process has finished all the subscribers in the selected list/segment will have been updated with the unique codes. The unique code is added to the selected merge field. You can now create a standard Mailchimp campaign targeted to the same list/segment and then include the unique code using the merge tag that corresponds to the field you selected in step 4.


If you have any questions regarding the setup, don't hesitate to contact us and let us know more about your situation and we'll get back to you with more specific guidance. 😀

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