Distribute Unique Codes to New Typeform Entries With Coupon Carrier

Coupon Carrier is a promotional tool to help you gain email subscribers or foot traffic by delivering unique time-sensitive discounts and coupons to your email subscribers — Connects directly to your favorite email service provider.

As an incentive to answer a survey you might want to offer some kind of reward. Using Coupon Carrier, you can import a list of unique codes that you've generated elsewhere and then distribute these to everyone that responds to your survey.

There are two ways you can distribute the code to once the survey is completed. Which one you use depends on if you want the code to be available to the user immediately or if you want to email it to them. The first solution is the quickest one and should only take a few minutes to set up.

Option A) Redirect the user on completion to our Redeem Link landing page where their unique code is shown

Our Redeem Link is a landing page that you can customize and display a unique code, either as text or QR/Barcode. You can link to it by providing a value that's unique to each user. This is often their email address or user/account id. Start by creating your Redeem Link using our guide here. Once the page is set up you can use your Redeem Link page URL as the redirect URL in your Typeform. 

Start by creating a new Redeem Link configuration in Coupon Carrier and select Generic Link as the service type:

Since the Redeem Link requires you to provide a value in the email parameter, you'll need to use the Recall information feature to insert the user's email address or other unique value at the end of the URL. Note that even if the parameter is named email, it doesn't have to be an actual email address. This value can either come from one of the survey fields or from a hidden field. 

The important part is that this needs to be a value that is consistently unique to the user even if they would revisit this survey, otherwise they would see a new code each time they completed the survey.

Option B) Trigger a Code Email using Zapier to be sent to the user once the survey is completed

If you want to send out an email containing a unique code to the user you can use Zapier which Coupon Carrier supports. The following steps show how you can trigger a Code Email to be sent to the user once the survey is completed. Note that some screenshots might not look the same because these products change frequently. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need help or if you have questions.

What's needed for this integration

Create a form in Typeform

In this example, we'll create a very small form with only two fields: Name and Email

We can preview this form and enter a response to our own email address. Zapier needs at least one entry in the form and Coupon Carrier will send the first test to this email address as well.

Import your unique codes into Coupon Carrier

Login to your Coupon Carrier account and create a new Code List:

Click the Import Codes button and upload a CSV file containing your codes or paste them into the text field if you prefer that:

Create your Code Email configuration in Coupon Carrier

A Code Email is an email that can be triggered to be sent to a provided email address. Once triggered it will pick the first available unique code from the configured Code List and send it out. The email can be customized with your own message, logo, sender details, etc.

Create a new configuration and choose Code Email:

Select Zapier as the trigger and then which Code List you'd like to use. You can also create a new  Autogenerated list if you wish to generate discount codes from your Shopify or WooCommerce store. In the second step, you can also customize the email.After you've customized your email and chosen a code list you should save your configuration and activate it when asked. You can also Pause/Activate your configuration from the main configuration list.

Create your new Zap in Zapier to connect Typeform and Coupon Carrier

Login to your Zapier account and create a new Zap. First, we want to select Typeform as the main trigger. Search and add Typeform as the trigger application and choose to trigger on a New Entry:

In the next step, you can connect to your Typeform account. When connecting to a new account there are instructions on where to find your Typeform API key: Next, choose which form you wish to monitor for new entries. Make sure that this form has an email address field that is required. We need an email address in order to send out the unique code in a later step:

In the next step, you can test this integration. Zapier will look for the last entry added.

Keep in mind that the email address in this entry will be used when testing the step in Coupon Carrier, this means that we will send out an email with a code to this email address. So make sure that it's one that you have access to. 

After that test you can add Coupon Carrier as the next action and select to use the Send a New Code action: 

Connect to your Coupon Carrier account. You can find your API key under the Account menu in Coupon Carrier. When connected we can proceed to configure the email address to which we should send the code, which we can get from the email field in your form created in Typeform. In this example, my email field has the title "Email?". We also need to select which Coupon Carrier Code Email we wish to trigger (In this case Typeform demo):

When performing the test Zapier should send this information to Coupon Carrier which should then pick a code and email it to the email address specified in the test. You can also see that a code has been delivered when browsing your Code List in your account:

Here's an example of the Code Email:

There are many ways you can configure Coupon Carrier. Check out our  website for more information or contact us at support@couponcarrier.io if you have any questions.

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