Distributing codes with ActiveCampaign

With Coupon Carrier, you can choose to only save the code to a contacts custom field or you may choose to also trigger one of your campaigns or automation emails.

How does it work?

When Coupon Carrier receives a notification that a new contact has been added or assigned the tag specified in your configuration it picks one of the available unique codes and updates the contacts custom field.

Custom field

You must choose a custom text field to which we should save the unique code to.  Note: Coupon Carrier will overwrite any existing data in the custom field you have selected so if you have more than one active configuration you should define a different custom field for each.

Trigger campaign

If you wish to, Coupon Carrier may trigger one of your standard campaigns or one of the emails created for your automation. Note that sending an email created in an automation will not automatically add the contact to the automation. Individual reports for your automation emails can be found in the automation UI or in the reports tab.

Creating automation trigger based on field changes

The most dynamic way to use Coupon Carrier with Active Campaign is by creating an automation where you can monitor field changes and trigger on tags. Consider the following example: 

You have a Shopify storefront and you want to generate a coupon for all contacts who make a purchase but it should only be valid for a couple of days. In this example, we set up a couple of automations. One will be our loyalty automation, and the other will update our contacts tags. The flow will be:

  1. Contact subscribes to your contact list and receives a welcome email
  2. We wait for the contact to make a purchase
  3. Then we send out a coupon generated by Shopify, valid for 48 hours

The first automation may look something like this:

The key element in this automation is the wait condition after the "welcome"-email has been sent. 

We wait "Until specific conditions are met". 

We then choose "Custom fields" and the field which Coupon Carrier is set to update (in our case "coupon"). Then we specify that we wait until this field "is not", and leave the input blank, indicating that we wait until Coupon Carrier has assigned a coupon to the contact so that we may send it in the "coupon"-email.

The second automation may look something like this:

We've integrated with Shopify in order to get notified when a contact has made a purchase. We then apply the tag "purchased_stuff". The rest we leave up to Coupon Carrier.

Our configuration in Coupon Carrier:

We set our trigger to be whenever a contact is assigned the tag "purchased_stuff".

We opt only to update our custom field "coupon" to let our automation handle the rest. 

Since our shop is a Shopify storefront we may choose the Coupon Carrier Auto-generated code list, and with that generate codes on the fly which will only be valid for 48 hours after they've been generated.

Merge the coupon into your email

Lastly, remember to merge your coupon into the email using Active Campaign merge tags, for example %COUPON%

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