Getting Started With Coupon Carrier and ActiveCampaign

Coupon Carrier is a code distribution platform for delivering unique time-sensitive discounts and coupons. Perfect for email signups, cart abandonment, restaurant promotions, and software keys.

How does Coupon Carrier work with ActiveCampaign?

Coupon Carrier can monitor your ActiveCampaign account for new subscribers or tags being added. When triggered, it can add unique codes to a custom field in ActiveCampaign. The codes can either be imported or automatically generated from supported platforms. Once the code has been added to the subscriber, you can include it in your email using the corresponding personalization tag. This article will show how to deliver codes in an ActiveCampaign automation using tags that we monitor using Coupon Carrier.

Here's an overview of how we're solving this:

  1. In your ActiveCampaign automation, choose to apply a tag to the subscriber at the point where you want the code to be applied. When the tag is applied, Coupon Carrier will be notified and apply the code to the custom field, this usually happens within a few seconds, but it can be delayed a few minutes. 
  2. Add a wait step so that ActiveCampaign delays the next step until the custom field has received the code from Coupon Carrier. This ensures that the email isn't sent out to the subscriber before the code has been applied.
  3. The final step is to send out an email to the subscriber. This email should contain the personalization tag to include the code from the custom field.

Create or modify an automation in ActiveCampaign

  1. Log in to your ActiveCampaign account and add a new custom field under the lists section. We're going to name it "coupon". This is the field where Coupon Carrier will store the unique code.

  2. Next, create a new automation. You can choose any type of automation and then modify it according to this article. We'll choose to use a "Subscribes to list" trigger in this example.
  3. Add a step to apply a tag to the subscriber. The tag's name is important, and we'll need to use the same name later on in Coupon Carrier. We'll use "add_code" here.
  4. To ensure that the code has been applied before we continue, we'll add a wait action and choose the condition where the field "coupon" isn't blank. That way, ActiveCampaign will pause the automation until the code has been added.

  5. Finally, add an action to send an email. Create an email and use the personalization tag, so include the "coupon" into the email. In this case, this means adding %COUPON% where we want to show the code. 

  6. Save and activate your automation.

Create a configuration in Coupon Carrier

  1. Create a new Code Email configuration and choose ActiveCampaign as the trigger app. This requires you to connect to your ActiveCampaign account.

  2. Select "Trigger when a tag is added to a contact" as the Code Email trigger and enter the name of the tag you used in your ActiveCampaign automation. In this case, it's "add_code".

  3. Next, we'll choose the custom field where the code should be stored, select "coupon" (or the field that you used), and chose the option to "save the code to the selected field".

  4. Select the source for your codes. If you already have a list of unique codes that you want to distribute to your subscribers, you can Import your codes to a code list. If you’re using an e-commerce platform that we support, you can choose to have your codes automatically generated. In this example, we’ll choose an existing code list where we have a few codes added.

  5. Save your changes and choose to activate your configuration. This will tell Coupon Carrier to start monitoring your ActiveCampaign account for tags that are applied to subscribers. 

We're now ready to test the integration by adding a subscriber to your automation. In this case, we'll test it by adding a subscriber to the email list, which will trigger the automation. If you have any issues with getting started, don't hesitate to reach out to us for help.

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