Getting Started With WooCommerce and Coupon Carrier

Coupon Carrier has support for generating unique time-sensitive discount codes automatically from your WooCommerce store. When a code is requested from the Code List, a randomly generated discount code is created in your store based on the settings you've provided.


To get started, go to the Code List tab and choose to Create a new Autogenerated Code List or create one directly from the code source step in your configuration (shown below).


In the connection dialogue, enter your WooCommerce store URL and the keys that you generate in your store admin. You can read this article to see how you create your keys.

Make sure you set  Permissions to Read/Write


You can then specify the value of the discount code that we should create and the expiry settings. Each time a code is requested from this Code List, a new code will be created in your store with these values.

Advanced Settings

If you need to specify more advanced settings for generating your discount codes, you can use the Advanced settings dialogue. This allows you to specify all properties available in WooCommerce's API. This is an advanced setting and requires that you perform tests to make sure that the codes are generated correctly.

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