Troubleshoot Mailchimp code email not sent to a subscriber or contains a blank code

If you've followed our article on How to send unique codes to new Mailchimp subscribers but are having issues receiving the email or seeing the code, here are a few things to check that can help you find the problem.

The first thing we recommend is that you perform a test by manually adding a new subscriber to your email list. Please use an email address that hasn't received a code or email earlier as Coupon Carrier, and also Mailchimp usually skips anyone that has already received something. Our Getting Started Guide includes information about testing at the end.

Has Coupon Carrier seen the subscriber and added a code?

Ensure that Coupon Carrier has seen the new subscriber and added a code to its merge field. On the configurations tab, you can see the number of successful or rejected code requests. If there are rejected or skipped requests, you can click to view the details. 

If there are no successes or rejections here, then that means that Coupon Carrier hasn't seen any new subscribers. Ensure that the configuration is active, and then check to see if new subscribers are added to the email list. Only new subscribers added after the configuration was activated will trigger a code to be added.

Has Mailchimp sent the email to the subscriber?

If the code has been added to the subscriber, but no email has arrived, then there are a few things to check:

  1. Is the Mailchimp automated email sending/active?
  2. The email might've ended up in the spam folder.
  3. Please verify that the email is registered as sent by Mailchimp to the subscriber by visiting their profile page. The timeline should include a note about the email being sent to them.

The email is sent and received, but it doesn't include a code.

This usually means one of two things. Either the merge tag isn't correctly included in the email. The merge tag (usually *|COUPON|*) needs to be added to show the code. 

If the merge tag is added correctly, then the other reason could be that the email is sent to the subscriber before Coupon Carrier has been notified about the new subscriber and added a code. This would result in the email being sent out without a code. And then, the code would be added to the subscriber moments later. To fix this, we recommend that you add a condition to your Mailchimp email that ensures that it's only sent if the coupon merge field isn't blank. Here's an article on how to fix this.

If you're still having issues, please contact us and let us know which steps are working and where you're stuck. This helps us understand where the issue is.

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