Getting Started With Coupon Carrier and MailerLite Classic

Coupon Carrier is a promotional tool to help you gain email subscribers or foot traffic by delivering unique time-sensitive discounts and coupons to your email subscribers — It connects directly to your favorite email service provider.

How does Coupon Carrier work with MailerLite Classic?

Coupon Carrier allows you to import your own set of codes or generate them automatically from supported services. Using a set of triggers, it will monitor your MailerLite account and send out an email containing unique codes to your subscribers. If you're using the new version of MailerLite, you can view this article instead.

There are two ways to deliver codes to your subscribers:

  • Let Coupon Carrier send out a customizable email to your subscribers with a unique code. You can choose to display the code as text or as a QR/Barcode.
  • Use MailerLite automations to send out an email that you’ve created in their editor. To do this, you can tell Coupon Carrier to store the unique code in a custom field on your subscriber. This allows you to then show the code in the email using a personalization tag.

And there are currently three ways of triggering emails:

  • When a subscriber is added to a group
  • When a subscriber has signed through a form
  • Or when a subscriber starts an automation

How to deliver codes to subscribers that are added to a group

In this article, we’ll show you how to send out an email from MailerLite, containing a unique code to subscribers that are added to a group. These are the steps required for this:

If you already have a list of unique codes that you want to distribute to your subscribers, you can Import your codes to a code list. If you’re using an e-commerce platform that we support, you can choose to have your codes automatically generated. In this example, we’ll create a new code list and add a few unique codes:
Create a new Code Email configuration on the main Configurations tab and connect it to your MailerLite account. Make sure that you select the MailerLite Classic integration:
In this case, we’d like to trigger this configuration when someone is added to our MailerLite group:
We want to let MailerLite send out an email, so we’ll choose MailerLite as the sender. To display the code inside the email, we first need to add the code to a custom field. In your MailerLite account, go to Subscribers Custom fields and create a new field called Coupon:
From the Automations tab in MailerLite, create a new Workflow, and select "Updated field" as the workflow trigger. Choose the new Coupon field that we just created and specify that we’d like to trigger when this field "is provided ". This means that when Coupon Carrier has added the unique code to this field, it will trigger this workflow and send out the email to the subscriber. We'll also add an email to this workflow:
Next, we need to edit the email and add the personalization tag in order to display the code in the email:  When you're happy with the email design, save it and then turn on the workflow:
Back in Coupon Carrier, select your newly created Coupon field as the field it should store the code in (you might need to reload the dropdown list to see the new field): The last part is to select which Code list you want to use as the source for your codes. Here we’ll choose the one that we created in the first step.
Before we can test the integration, we must save and activate it. Only active configurations will trigger new codes to be added.
Once activated, you can manually add a subscriber to your MailerLite group, which in turn should trigger an email to be sent with a code. 

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