Mailchimp - How to fix codes rejected with "Your merge fields were invalid."

If you see rejected requests when delivering codes to new Mailchimp subscribers, you can view the reason by clicking on the number of rejected requests. This will show you a list of all the rejected requests and the reason why they were rejected:
When the technical error stated is "Your merge fields were invalid." then that means that Coupon Carrier wasn't allowed to update the subscriber in order to add the code. Mailchimp rejected the request because one or more merge fields on the subscriber is currently invalid.

The most common reason for this is that you have a merge field on your email list that is marked as required or an address field that isn't valid. For example, if one the error is the following:

  • {"field":"MMERGE5","message":"Please enter a value"} 

That means that the merge field MMERGE5 is configured to require a value (can't be empty), but for some reason, the subscriber that should receive a code didn't have a value in that field. To fix this, either make sure that all fields are valid for each new subscriber or remove the requirement for the corresponding list field:

Contact us if you need help with understanding why you're seeing these errors and how to fix them.

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