How to redeem codes generated by Coupon Carrier

Coupon Carrier has a built-in Autogenerated Code List that can generate new random codes on demand. This is primarily used for offline businesses that don't already have codes that they'd like to distribute. 

In order to mark these codes as used you have two options:

Use our Redeem Link feature to distribute the codes to your customers. The Redeem Link landing page can optionally show a "mark-as-used" button that, when pressed, will mark the code as used. In most cases, this is done in front of the staff at the location at the time they receive their offer that the code is for. 

The second option is to distribute your codes as QR codes that you then scan using our scanner service which is supported on most modern mobile devices.

You can read more about how to distribute and redeem codes using the methods mentioned above here: How to distribute unique codes for restaurants, physical stores, and events

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