Getting Started With Coupon Carrier and ConvertKit

Coupon Carrier is a promotional tool to help you gain email subscribers or foot traffic by delivering unique time-sensitive discounts and coupons to your email subscribers — Connects directly to your favorite email service provider.

How does it work with ConvertKit?

When Coupon Carrier receives a notification that a new subscriber has been added or assigned the tag specified in your configuration, it picks one of the available unique codes and either send it out in an email or updates the subscriber's custom field in ConvertKit. You can either import your own codes into a Code List or generate them automatically from supported services. 

Connect your ConvertKit account

In your Code Email configuration, you can choose to connect to your ConvertKit account (or select an existing connection). Your API secret can be found in your Account Settings followed by clicking the Show link to reveal your API secret:

Choose your configuration trigger

You can choose to trigger the configuration when someone subscribes to your list. But if you want more control over when it should trigger, you can also configure it to only trigger when someone subscribes to a specific ConvertKit form or when a specific tag is applied to the subscriber.

In most cases, you'll probably send out an email containing one of your unique codes when they subscribe to your list or when a tag is applied. In this case, you can choose to have Coupon Carrier send out an email. The code is picked from the Code List that's selected the code list step of the configuration. You can also choose to send out an email from ConvertKit by storing the unique code in a custom field and then optionally trigger a campaign to be sent out to the subscriber. Read more below on how to do this.

How to save code to the subscriber and send email from ConvertKit

First, you must choose which custom field we should use to store the unique code. Make sure that this field doesn't contain any other important information as Coupon Carrier will overwrite any existing data in the selected field. If you have more than one active configuration, you should choose a different custom field for each. If you don't know how to create custom fields you can read ConvertKit's guide on how to create a custom field

Apply tag (optional)

Coupon Carrier can also apply a tag to the subscriber. Check the "Apply tag" checkbox and choose the tag in the drop-down menu. Note that if you have chosen to trigger on a certain trigger, that tag will not be available to choose.

Trigger sequence (optional)

If you wish to trigger a sequence to be sent to the subscriber once the code has been added to their custom field, check the "Trigger a sequence for the subscriber" option and choose your sequence in the drop-down menu.

In order to display the code inside the email, add the merge tag that corresponds with the custom field that you chose to store your code to. For example: 

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