Is it possible to attach multiple codes in a code email?

In some cases, you want to deliver more than one code, at the same time, to a recipient. For example, if you have multiple offers from different vendors or products you want to deliver to a recipient.

Coupon Carrier can only add one code per recipient in one Code Email. So you can either set up multiple Code Emails (with different code lists) with the same trigger, which would send multiple emails to the recipient, each with another code.

If you're sending the email using a third-party email service, you can also use our Redeem Link feature, a link that you add to your email and, when clicked, will take them to a landing page (hosted by us) that assigns and shows their unique code. If you want to deliver multiple codes, you can create more than one Redeem Link and add all the links to the same email, allowing the recipient to click multiple links in the email, one for each specific offer.

Contact us if you have a specific use-case that you'd like to discuss possible setups with us. 

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