How to get started with Drip

The simple way to setup Coupon Carrier is to let it send out the email to the subscriber. The complete guide on how to set that up is available here.

But if you want more control over the content you can create your own campaign, automation or rule and let Coupon Carrier update your subscribers with your unique codes. How you wish to distribute them is up to you. You may for example:

  • Create a Basic Rule to trigger a campaign based on a coupon being added to a subscriber
  • Create a campaign that sends out your coupons
  • Create a Broadcast to transmit all distributed coupons at once

It's really all up to you.

How does it work?

When Coupon Carrier receives a notification that a new subscriber has been added (to either a campaign of your choosing or at all) or a tag has been applied to a contact, it picks one of the available unique codes and applies it to the subscribers custom field that you’ve configured. This means that you may use the subscriber's coupon by merging it into your email. Ex: "Your coupon code is: {{ subscriber.the_custom_field }}".

Setting up an automation

With the new tag trigger, you may set up virtually any automation flow you wish. By selecting the tag trigger and specifying which tag to trigger on you can set up to start campaigns, rewarding loyal customers or attempting to attract back prospects. We'll give you a basic example of how to set up an automation where a new subscriber should receive a coupon immediately by a one-off email:

  1. Our first goal is that a subscriber subscribes via the "Entry Form" form,
  2. We then take the action to apply the "apply_coupon" tag.
  3. Our next goal is that the "coupon" custom field is set. We then:
  4. Trigger our action Send "Your coupon".

The key elements in this automation are the two steps "Apply the ... tag"-action and "Updated the ... custom field"-goal. These steps can be applied anywhere in an automation where you want to generate a code to a subscriber.

In Coupon Carrier we've chosen to trigger on the tag "apply_coupon" to be applied to a subscriber:

Creating a Basic Rule

The simplest way to send out a one-off email with a code to a new subscriber is to set up a Basic Rule. A Basic Rule is a kind of automation which based on a trigger will execute an action. You will find the Rules-interface under Automation.

In the example below, we've set the trigger to be when a custom field has been updated. We then choose the custom field to monitor to be the "coupon" field, and lastly to run as soon as it has been set.

The action to perform is in our case to send a one-off email but can be whatever you choose it to be. 

Creating a campaign to send out codes

If you're familiar with Drip, chances are you're well aware how campaigns work and of course you may send out your codes through campaigns. However, you won't be able to send out coupons with an email being sent immediately after sign up. If you have a campaign with a welcome email being triggered "immediately", that email will be queued for sending out before Coupon Carrier has had a chance to update the subscribers custom field with a code. Instead, you should send out your coupon in an email following the welcome email with a set delay of at least 5 minutes.

Note: A free or starter account at Drip will have a request throttling engaged and will sometimes have a delay when asking Coupon Carrier for a code. Therefore you should set the delay to a minimum of 30 minutes if you have one of these accounts to be certain that Coupon Carrier will receive a request to update a subscriber with a code.

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