How to distribute unique codes via a shareable signup form

Coupon Carrier is a code distribution platform for delivering unique time-sensitive discounts and coupons. Perfect for email signups, cart abandonment, restaurant promotions, and software keys.

You can use our built-in, shareable signup form if you want a simple way to deliver unique codes to your users. This form requires the user to enter their email address, and then they'll receive their unique code via email.

The signup form and email can be customized to suit your brand, and the form can then be shared using a simple link via email, social media, ads, etc. You can also configure it to sync new signups to supported email service providers.

You can import your own set of codes to be distributed or create an autogenerated code list connected to one of our support e-commerce platforms (like Shopify, WooCommerce, etc).

To create your signup form, create a new configuration and select Code Email as the type.

As the trigger, select Public Signup Form.

You can then customize the form by clicking on Customize Signup Form.

In this example, we'll select our built-in email feature to send an email containing a code when someone signs up. You can use the settings to change the look and content of this email.

Next, select which code list should be used as the source for your codes. You can choose an existing one or create a new one. In this example, we'll select an existing list that contains a few unique codes.

Save your changes, and choose to activate the configuration. When activated, users can visit the link (shown at the top of the configuration editor) and then sign up using their email address.

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