Deliver Unique Codes in HubSpot Workflows Using Coupon Carrier

Coupon Carrier is a code distribution platform for delivering unique time-sensitive discounts and coupons. Perfect for email signups, cart abandonment, restaurant promotions, and software keys.

To deliver unique codes in HubSpot Workflows, you can use our workflow action to trigger a configuration in Coupon Carrier that applies a unique code to a property on the contact.

In this article, we'll use a HubSpot workflow to deliver a unique code to a contact via email.

Create a new Code Email configuration in Coupon Carrier by clicking "Create a New Configuration" on the main configurations screen and selecting "Code Email". Next, choose "App Event Trigger" and select HubSpot as the integration. You'll be prompted to connect Coupon Carrier to your HubSpot account.

In the next section, you choose how the code should be delivered. You can send an email directly from Coupon Carrier, but in this case, we want to store the code in HubSpot and send the email from our workflow. So, choose HubSpot and select the contact property to store the code. We've created a property named "Coupon" that we will use.

We also need to specify a code list to be used as a source for the unique codes. You can choose to import your own set of codes, or use an autogenerated code list connected to supported platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. We'll select an existing code list with a few sample codes.

Save the configuration, and choose to activate it. Once activated, it can be used to deliver codes. We can then switch over to HubSpot to configure our workflow.

Edit an existing or create a new HubSpot workflow. Add a new action and select "Trigger Unique Code or QR/Barcode" from the "Coupon Carrier" section. To know which configuration you want to use, enter the ID from the configuration in Coupon Carrier. This is available in the first section when you edit your configuration.

We can now add an email action to include the code using the "Coupon" personalization token. To test the integration, you can manually enroll a contact to this workflow.

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