How To Distribute Unique Codes in Shopify Order Notification Emails

Coupon Carrier is a service that helps you distribute unique codes and coupons to your customers. You can choose to import your own set of unique codes or generate new ones automatically depending on which services as systems you use today.

Our Redeem Link is a quick way to insert a unique link into your Shopify order notifications (or cart abandonment emails). When the recipient clicks the link, they are redirected to our hosted landing page that assigns and shows them their unique code. This page can be customized to match your brand.

We also have another feature to monitor your Shopify orders and send out emails from Coupon Carrier with unique codes when a specific product is purchased. Read more about it here.

The Redeem Link option is useful if you're selling a product in your store and you'd like to deliver a unique code or offer when it's purchased. Or you want to offer a discount in your cart abandonment emails.

The recipient will see one unique code per order that the notification is sent out for. This means that if they click the same link multiple times, they'll see the same code. But if they place another order, they'll get a new code when they link the link in the second email. 

  1. Create a new Redeem Link configuration and select Shopify as your service. You'll be asked to connect to your store.
  2. Copy the unique link and insert it into your Shopify notification. In this case, we'll insert it into our order confirmation inside an HTML link tag.
  3. Back in Coupon Carrier, choose to Customize Page Content so that it matches your brand with a logo, message, and optional buttons, and other display options.
  4. Next, select the code source. You can either import your own set of codes or use an autogenerated code list. Here, we'll select an existing code list.
  5. Save and activate your configuration.
  6. Once the configuration is active, you can switch back to Shopify and preview/test your order notification.

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