Getting Started With Coupon Carrier and Braze

Coupon Carrier is a service that helps you distribute unique codes and coupons to your customers. You can choose to import your own set of unique codes or generate new ones automatically depending on which services as systems you use today.

You can use Braze's Connected Content feature to pull in unique codes from your Coupon Carrier code list.

Here's an example of how the connected_content tag is added:

{% connected_content{{${email_address} | url_param_escape}}&codelist=<CodeListId> :basic_auth credential_name %}

The parameters are emailaddress and codelist. The email would be the recipient's email address, which you can dynamically add using Braze's ${email_address} merge tag. We're also escaping the value to prevent invalid characters in the URL. The codelist is the Id of the code list you'd like to get the code from. You can find the code list id in your account when you browse a code list:You'll need to add the credentials according to their documentation:

The username should be your Coupon Carrier API key (found under account settings), and the password can be any value, ex: "blank".

This endpoint will return a JSON response so you can get the result according to their documentation:

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