How to include a QR/Barcode in an email using the Redeem Link

Normally, the redeem link is placed inside an email and will allow the customer to click the link to be taken to a landing page where their unique code is shown. But when you display your unique code as a QR/Barcode, you can insert the image directly into the email itself using an image tag.

A standard redeem link looks similar to this:[RECIPIENT_EMAIL_ADDRESS]

But you can also add a parameter named asImage=true to the link which changes its behavior to return the QR/Barcode image instead:[RECIPIENT_EMAIL_ADDRESS]&asImage=true

In your email you can then add the above link into an image tag in the following way:

<img src="[RECIPIENT_EMAIL_ADDRESS]&asImage=true" alt="code" />

The asImage=true parameter is only available for Redeem Link configurations that are configured to display the code as a QR/Barcode. 

Remember to replace the [RECIPIENT_EMAIL_ADDRESS] tag with the dynamic tag for the recipient's email address that your email service provider uses. It's usually something like *|EMAIL|*, %EMAIL%, [EMAIL] or similar.

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