How to send reminder emails for unused codes

Depending on what types of codes and in which way you're sending them to your customers, they can either be automatically or manually marked as used. You can read more about marking codes as used here.

To encourage the recipient to use their code, you might want to send them a reminder email, but we don't want to send them a reminder if they've already used their code.

Reminder Emails in Coupon Carrier are set up to monitor a specific code list and send out reminders to any delivered code that hasn't been used within a specified number of days. If triggered, an email containing the initial code the customer received is sent.

To create a reminder, create a new configuration and select Reminder Email. 

Select the code list you want to monitor for unused codes, then select the delay (in days) for sending the reminder email.

The final step is customizing the email content to suit your business. The code shown in the email will be the one the customer initially received, meaning the code it reminds them of.

You can set up multiple reminders with different delays to create more advanced reminder flows.

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