How To Mark a Code as Used

In Coupon Carrier, a code is first assigned/delivered to a recipient. Later, a code can be marked as used. This indicates that the code received by the recipient was used to purchase/redeem something of value. You can see which codes are delivered and used when exporting code statistics.

There are a few ways to mark a code as used:

  • Manually in the app via a code list. From a Code List, you can find a specific code and then, using the right-hand menu, mark a code as used.
  • By scanning a code using our Scanner Service.
  • When a code list is connected to an e-commerce platform like Shopify, WooCommerce, etc., when an order is placed with a discount code that we delivered, the code is automatically marked as used in the code list.
  • Automatically via Zapier using the Mark a Code as Used action.

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