How to trigger your Code Email on new signups from a specific signup source in Mailchimp

If you're getting new subscriber signups to your Mailchimp list from multiple sources and only want to deliver unique codes to a specific source, this article shows you how to solve this using segments.

In Coupon Carrier, you can choose to trigger a Code Email when someone signs up for your email list. You also have the option to only trigger for the subscribers who sign up but are also part of a specific segment. You can use this to filter which new signups should receive a code.
Start by creating a new segment in Mailchimp for your email list. Add a condition where Signup Source is equal to the source that you wish to deliver codes to. In this case, we'll create a condition for a specific landing page. Large segments can be slow, so to ensure that this segment stays small and quick, let's also add a condition to only include those who have signed up within the last day by setting  Date Added is within the last 1 day.
Save the new segment and head over to your Coupon Carrier account. Here's will set our Code Email trigger to new signups that are also part of this new segment.

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