Include a discount code in the URL to your WooCommerce store

When you use our Code Email or Redeem Link, you can optionally choose to include a Call-To-Action button. This is useful to help the customer easily access your store and use the discount code to purchase something. 

Even better is to include the discount code in the URL to your store and then having the discount code be automatically applied during checkout. Coupon Carrier supports including a [code] tag in the button link. This tag will be replaced with the unique code that was assigned to the customer. 

Unfortunately, this functionality isn't built into WooCommerce, but it can be solved by installing a plugin. Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce (Free) include a feature to allow you to attach a coupon in the URL and have it applied at checkout.

If your WooCommerce store URL is then you can use the following link as a Call-to-Action button link in order to have the discount code be applied at checkout:[code]

This format can be changed in the plugin settings if you'd like to use something other than "coupon" in the URL.

If you've attached a coupon code in the URL to your store and you're getting a not found (404) message. Please read this article from Advanced Coupons on how to fix that:

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