Report Code Usage to Email Services

When a code is marked as used, either automatically when you're using an autogenerated code list for e-commerce or when a code is scanned, you can configure your code list to report this as an event or tag to Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, and Drip (additional services coming later). 

Here are a few ways a code can be marked as used:

  • A discount code generated automatically from your e-commerce platform has been used to place an order.
  • A code was scanned using our scanner service.
  • A code is marked as used using our Mark-As-Used button for Redeem Links.
  • A code is marked as used via Zapier.
  • A code is manually marked as used from within a code list.
This allows you to track code usage in your email service, which can be used to trigger reminder emails or follow-ups since you now know if a code has been used or not.
You can enable this feature on any code list from the "Export/Manage" menu:

Here's a short demo of how this works with Drip:

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