Allow Multiple Codes to the Same Recipient

When testing your Coupon Carrier integration, it’s common to try to receive multiple codes to the same recipient.

Normally, Coupon Carrier will skip a request for a code if the recipient has already received a code earlier. Here are two ways you can test your codes:

A) Erase the data for a delivered code, this removes our information about who received the code and this allows the same email address to receive a new code because we no longer have the information about any previous codes that they’ve received. Here’s how to do this from a code list (using the many to the right of each code row):

B) If you use Gmail or Outlook, you can use their alias feature to create unlimited new email addresses, very useful for testing. Anything added after your email name separated by a plus sign will still be received to your regular inbox. Ex and will both end up at

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