Getting Started With Coupon Carrier and FastSpring

Coupon Carrier is a promotional tool to help you gain email subscribers or foot traffic by delivering unique time-sensitive discounts and coupons — Connects directly to your favorite email service provider.

Coupon Carrier has support for generating unique time-sensitive discount codes automatically from your FastSpring store. When a code is requested from a Code List in Coupon Carrier, a randomly generated discount code is created in your store based on the settings you’ve provided.

Here’s how you connect Coupon Carrier to FastSpring

To get started, go to the Code List tab and choose to Create a new Autogenerated Code List or create one directly from the code source step in your configuration (shown below).
Connect to your store by entering your FastSpring API credentials. You can find your credentials by logging in to your store admin and then go to Integrations > API Credentials.

Coupon Carrier has the ability to monitor completed orders in FastSpring, this allows it to see if a code that has been created by Coupon Carrier, has also been used in an order. To enable this feature you need to add a Webhook in your FastSpring store that sends notifications to Coupon Carrier when an order is completed. You can view instructions for this by clicking the "View install instructions" button.

You can then specify the value of the discount code that we should create and the expiry settings. Each time a code is requested from this Code List, a new code will be created in your store with these values. You can choose between two ways to add codes to FastSpring:
  • Add generated codes to an existing coupon – This allows you to specify an existing coupon, by name, and then Coupon Carrier will add new unique codes to it.
  • Create a new coupon for each generated code – This option creates new coupons in FastSpring for each code. The benefit of this is that it allows you to specify individual expiry dates for each code that’s generated.
Once you've configured how codes are generated, you can use the "Test code generation" button to create a sample code in your store. This allows you to ensure that the code was added correctly in your store admin.

Advanced settings

If you need to specify more advanced settings for generating your discount codes, you can use the Advanced settings option. This allows you to specify all properties available in FastSpring’s Coupon API. It’s a useful option if you need to add multiple currencies for your discount or discount reasons. This is an advanced setting and requires that you perform tests to make sure that the codes are generated correctly.

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