How to show a QR/Barcode in your Mailchimp email using the Redeem Link

If you distribute QR/Barcodes to your Mailchimp subscribers, then you might want to use this feature that allows you to include the QR/Barcode image directly in your Mailchimp email, removing the need for the subscriber to click the Redeem Link in order to see their QR/Barcode.

This feature is based on the Redeem Link and requires that you first have a working Redeem Link set up to show the code as a QR or Barcode.

To show your code as an image in your email you need to modify the Redeem Link by appending &asImage=true at the end of the link. Remember also to include the email merge tag so that the entire link looks something like this (the LINK_ID in the link will be different for you):[LINK_ID]?email=*|EMAIL|*&asImage=true

This tells Coupon Carrier that it should return the code as an image instead of a web page.

Here's a video that shows you how to create the Redeem Link and add it to your Mailchimp email as an image:

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