Customize the Code Email message using HTML and Liquid

You can personalize your Code Email by entering your own message. This message can also contain HTML that you can use to style and layout your content. Here are some HTML examples:

Message content Will be shown as
The following text is <b>bold</b> and this <i>italic</i> The following text is bold and this italic
First line <br /> Second line First line
Second line

We also support Liquid markup. For more information on its syntax, visit You can use it to include additional information in your message. Here is a list of variables that you can use:

Variable Sample output Description
{{ code }} SAMPLE-CODE-01 The current code as text
{{ delivered_to }} The recipient of this code, usually an email address or user id
{{ delivered_at }} 2018-10-01 10:00:00 The date when this code was assigned to the recipient
{{ created_at }} 2018-09-01 10:00:00 The date when this code was imported/generated
{{ delivered_at | date: 'yyyy/MM/dd' }} 2018/10/01 Formatted date
{{ delivered_at | add_days: 10 | date: 'yyyy/MM/dd' }} 2018/10/11 Add 10 days to the date and format it

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