Getting started with BigCommerce and Coupon Carrier

Coupon Carrier has support for generating unique time-sensitive promotion codes automatically from your BigCommerce account. When a code is requested from the Code List, a randomly generated coupon code is created in your BigCommerce account based on the settings you've provided.

Here are the steps needed to start generating unique promotion codes:

  1. Create a new Store-Level API account with the required permissions.
  2. Create a new code list in Coupon Carrier and connect it to your BigCommerce account.
  3. Configure your coupon generation settings.

Create a Store-Level API account

In your BigCommerce account, go to Settings > API > Store-level API account. Then click Create API account.

To connect your account to Coupon Carrier you need to provide your Store Hash and Access Token.

The Store Hash is shown under the API path property. Copy this value and store it for an upcoming step:<Your_Store_Hash>/v3/

Next, select the required OAuth scopes:

  • Marketing - modify
  • Orders - read-only

Then click Save to create your API account. You'll be presented with your Access token that you need copy and store for the next step.

Create an autogenerated Code List for BigCommerce

Under the Code lists tab, create a new code list and choose Autogenerated code list. You’ll then pick BigCommerce as the integration, and in the connection window, you enter the Store Hash and Access token that you created earlier.

You can now configure the Code Generation Settings for your code list. This is where you specify the value and expiry that your coupons should have. You can also use the Advanced settings to add additional settings if needed. Use the Test code generation button to test the integration.

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