How to Send Your Code Email via Mandrill

Coupon Carrier is a code distribution platform for delivering unique time-sensitive discounts and coupons. Perfect for email signups, cart abandonment, restaurant promotions, and software keys.

Our Code Email feature allows you to trigger emails to be sent containing a unique code to your recipients. A trigger can be a subscriber signing up to your email list, receiving a tag, submitting a form, etc.

Depending on the trigger, there are several ways to send the email. For most triggers, you can send the email directly from Coupon Carrier using our built-in email editor. But if you're a Mailchimp user, you might want more control and statistics. In this case, you can connect to your Mailchimp Transactional (Mandrill) account and send your email using a template.

We'll pass the unique code as a merge tag, *|CC_CODE|*, and optionally, also a QR/Barcode *|CC_BARCODE_URL|*.

Here's how to get started

Create or edit your Code Email, then choose Mandrill as the option for sending the email.

When selected, you're prompted to enter your Mandrill API key, which you can find under the settings menu in your Mandrill account.

Once connected, you're required to select a template to be used for sending the emails. Switch over to Mandrill and create a new or edit the email template that you want to use. To display the unique code in the email, you need to add the merge tag, *|CC_CODE|*, which Coupon Carrier passes when triggering the email to be sent.

Save and publish the template changes and then switch back to Coupon Carrier, where you can select the template.

The next step is to test the template to verify that it's working as expected. Use the Send a Test Email button to send a test to yourself. You can optionally change the code value passed along and add additional merge values that you're using in your template, for example, the recipient's first name or email address.

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