How to deliver a unique code in Mailchimp when a subscriber is tagged

A typical usage case for our Mailchimp customers is that they want a unique code to be sent to a subscriber when they are tagged with a specific tag. 

In some cases, this should also be repeatable. For example, if a subscriber is tagged each time something is purchased over a specific value, then you'll want them to be able to receive a code again. 

Mailchimp Journeys and Coupon Carrier Code Email configurations can be configured to be repeated or receive multiple codes.

In this example, we want to repeatedly send a unique code to our Mailchimp subscribers tagged with the tag "send-code". 

Here's an overview of how we'll solve this:

  1. Create a Mailchimp Journey that uses a Customer Journey API starting point. This allows third-party services like Coupon Carrier to trigger when this Journey should start and for which subscriber. This Journey will include two steps:
    1. Send out an email to the subscriber with a code included in it. This is done using a merge field in which Coupon Carrier stores the unique code.
    2. A remove tag action to remove the "send-code" tag once the email has been sent. This way, the tag can be applied to the subscriber again in the future.
  2. Create a Code Email configuration in Coupon Carrier that monitors your Mailchimp list for subscribers tagged with "send-code". When tagged, Coupon Carrier will apply a unique code to the subscribers merge field and then trigger the Mailchimp Journey to be sent.

Create a Customer Journey in Mailchimp

  1. Log in to your Mailchimp account and create a new customer journey. As a starting point, select API & Integrations > Customer Journeys API.
  2. Add a Send email action to your Journey. We'll edit/design later once Coupon Carrier is configured. 
  3. Next, add a Tag/Untag action and select to remove the tag "send-code". This tag will be created if it doesn't exist yet.
  4. Finally, select to option "Contact repeats journey" in the Journey settings. This allows this Journey to be repeated multiple times. Here's what the final Journey would look like:  

Create a Code Email in Coupon Carrier

  1. Create a new Code Email configuration and choose to trigger using Mailchimp. You'll need to connect to your account if you haven't done this earlier.
  2. Select the email list and the option that you want to "Trigger when a subscriber enters a segment or receives a tag". Then select the tag "send-code".
  3. In the next section, choose to send the email using Mailchimp. Then, create a "coupon" merge field where the unique code is stored.
  4.  Select the option to "Trigger a Customer Journey API Step" and enter the URL from your Mailchimp Journey starting point. You can find it by clicking the starting point in your Journey: 
  5. Choose which code list you want to use as the source for your unique code. These can either be codes you've imported or generated automatically from supported platforms.
  6. Enable the option "Allow multiple codes to be delivered to the same email address." to allow this configuration to deliver multiple codes to the same subscriber. If the subscriber is tagged again in the future, we want them to receive a code again. Save your changes and activate your configuration.
  7. Next, we'll go back to Mailchimp and update the Journey before turning it on.

Update and turn on the Mailchimp Journey

  1. Back in your Mailchimp Journey, edit your email step and choose your design and add your content. In the place where you want the unique code to be shown, add a merge tag for the Coupon merge field we created in Coupon Carrier. This is usually *|Coupon|*: 
  2. Save your email and return to the journey. You can now turn on your Journey and perform a test by tagging a subscriber with "send-code". 
  3. Keep in mind that only subscribers that are tagged after the Coupon Carrier configuration is activated will trigger. Coupon Carrier checks for tags every 5th minute, so it can take a few minutes before the email arrives.

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