How To Trigger a Mailchimp Customer Journey API Step

Mailchimp Customer Journeys can be triggered in many ways like new subscriber signups, a tag is added, etc. They can also contain steps that wait until something happens before it continues to the next step.

Coupon Carrier can be configured to either start journeys or tell existing journeys that are waiting to continue to the next step. To do this, you need to use the "Customer Journeys API" trigger, which is found under the "API & Integrations" section. 

Once added and saved, you can click the step to see the API endpoint that Coupon Carrier will use to trigger the journey for a specific subscriber.

Here's how to add a Customer Journeys API as a starting point. This is usually used if you're triggering a Code Email for new subscriber signups in Coupon Carrier:

Here's how to add a Customer Journeys API wait trigger. Usually used if you're triggering a Code Email when a subscriber enters a segment or receives a tag:

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