How to use a Mailchimp Journey with your Code Email

You can use our Code Email to deliver unique codes in your Mailchimp welcome email. If you use a Mailchimp Journey, there are a few things you'll need to add to make sure that codes are reliably sent to your subscribers.

Once you've created your Code Email and configured the trigger for Mailchimp, select Mailchimp as the email sender and choose the field that you want to store the code in. Next, enable the option to store an event in Mailchimp when the code has been added. In this case, we'll name it "code_added". We'll use this in our Mailchimp Journey later on.

Select the option to "Only store the code in the selected list field". This tells Coupon Carrier to store the code in the selected merge field and then let Mailchimp handle the delivery of the email. 

Create or edit your Mailchimp Journey. The important part here is that we need to make sure that the unique code is added to the new subscriber before the email is sent. Otherwise, the email will be sent with a blank code.

To do this, add a "Wait for Trigger" rule and select the Event API rule from the API & Integrations section. Enter the event name that you used in Coupon Carrier. We used "code_added" so we'll use that. This ensures that the Journey waits until the event is added from Coupon Carrier before it continues to send the email.

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